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Dragon Quest Tact is an RPG with turn-based combats where you control some of the most popular monsters from the Dragon Quest Franchise in fun turn-based battles. It’s a new strategy RPG that gives you the chance to dive into one of the most legendary sagas from the world of videogames. And of course, it’s all wrapped up in the fantastic artistic designs of Akira Toriyama.

The eye-catching visuals in Dragon Quest Tact welcome you in to an SRPG that’s perfectly adapted for touchscreens. Here, you’ll participate in quick battles in 3D grid-based settings. Playing this title from SQUARE ENIX is simple. You mission is basically just to defeat the enemies before they do the same to your team of friendly monsters. As you complete levels, you’ll also discover more and more about the game’s story.

Each monster in Dragon Quest Tact has its own skills and statistics, which will improve as your characters level up or you increase their rank. You can collect new monsters through the story mode, although you also have the typical gacha system to get new characters randomly. In all, you can unlock over a hundred different and unique monsters.

Dragon Quest Tact is a great RPG with beautiful graphics. Its combat system, despite offering an automatic mode, offers intense strategic battles that let you put your skills to the test.



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