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Dog Town: Pet Shop Game is a game in which you run a shelter where you take care of and raise dogs. In total you can collect more than 60 different kinds of dogs, which you can spoil from the time they’re puppies.

Starting out your adventures in Dog Town: Pet Shop Game, you have just one dog. That said, bit by bit as you complete missions you can take in more pups. And once you have a nice pair of canines, you can make them have babies so you can discover still more dogs.

Although you spend most of the game feeding, spoiling, and caring for your pups, you can also enjoy super entertaining stories. Your dogs can star in special stories where they’ll win all sorts of unique rewards.

Dog Town: Pet Shop Game is an ideal game for animal lovers, as you can have dozens of virtual pets perfectly drawn in 3D with quite good graphics. Plus you can decorate your animal shelter to make it as pretty as you like.

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