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Dog Run – Puppy Racing is a 3D endless runner very similar to the brilliant Subway Surfers but in this case you play an adorable running puppy. The aim of the game, obviously, is to get as far as possible while collecting gold coins and rewards.

Swiping from left to right onscreen moves your character laterally, and from up to down makes you jump or slide on the floor. With these simple controls you’ve got to dodge every obstacle in your path: trucks, billboards, cars, walls, metal bars… And along the way you find rewards that make you earn more points, go faster, or even change color.

Dog Run – Puppy Racing is a fun and cute endless runner whose main problem is that it’s too similar to the many other games like it, except that in this case you play an adorable puppy. It offers practically nothing new, but then again, if it’s not broke, why fix it? The genre unquestionably still delivers some uncomplicated fun and entertainment.

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