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Disc Golf is a game that combines frisbees and golf for a fresh experience. Basically, you throw a frisbee at one of the areas marked as a goal, adding points to your score and doing what you can to beat your opponent.

Graphics in Disc Golf are in 3D, which makes playing this game even more enjoyable. To throw the frisbee, do your best to calculate the strength and trajectory of your throw by dragging your finger across the screen. Lift your finger when you’re ready to throw, and the frisbee will fly wherever you aimed it.

On some of the levels in Disc Golf, you have to land the frisbee in a basket. No matter what, though, your main objective is always the same: to beat your opponent.

Disc Golf is a fun game that’s sure to keep you entertained as you throw frisbees as close as you can to the goals. The 3D graphics immerse you in each game, as does the fact that you’re pitted against another human player whenever you play.

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