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Diggy’s Adventure is an adventure game where you can lead an expedition made up of Diggy, Professor, Linda, and Rusty. With the help of all these characters, you can discover hidden treasures all over the world, uncovering great mysteries from the past along the way.

The gameplay in Diggy’s Adventure is simple and easy to learn. You can move your character by simply touching the screen. You can break obstacles by touching them and interact with special elements in the same way. Doors, levers, rocks, traps … you’ll find tons of different elements to interact with.

In Diggy’s Andventure, you can travel to four different locations, from ancient Egypt to Scandinavian mountain ranges. Plus, you can find more than 500 different mazes to try to escape from and more than a thousand puzzles.

Diggy’s Adventure is an adventure game that, while it doesn’t have a particularly challenging gameplay, at least it’s really entertaining. Plus, some of the puzzles you find further on will really test your problem-solving skills.


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