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Description is the official app from the website of the same name. With it, you can look up the meaning of any English word on your Android. So complete is the page’s database that it currently has more than two million definitions, antonyms and synonyms.

As on the website, the possibilities extend beyond simply finding the definition of a word. You can also press the speaker button to hear the correct pronunciation of any word. Some even give both the British and American pronunciations.

Exclusive to the Android app are extra features such as ‘word of the day’, ‘buzzwords’ and others, these allow you to keep learning English vocabulary by simply opening the app for a few seconds a day. Furthermore, these benefits can be turned into a ‘widget’ on the terminal’s desktop.

The search bar is noteworthy in itself. It will keep a record of all your words, allow you to add favorites, and even provide writing tips if it thinks you are writing a word incorrectly. is an excellent application for anyone who regularly works in English. Not only does it allow you to find the meaning of any word, but also gives you lots of interesting extra options to further increase your understanding.


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