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Dice Heroes is an SRPG where you lead a group of dice (yes, six-sided dice) through dozens of levels, battling against loads of other enemies who also happen to be dice.

The gameplay in Dice Heroes is very simple: you can customize the faces of each die in your group to use swords (attack), shields (defense), crosses (healing), and even wands (magic attack). Whenever you move one of your dice, it will land on one of these faces and act according to what’s there.

Given this and the fact that each die can only move one square per turn, you have to move your dice across the board strategically to destroy the enemy dice. One good strategy, for example, is to wait until the enemy is one square away and then attack.

Dice Heroes has over 50 different levels and five different kinds of dice that you can add to your group of cubic adventurers. It also has very well done retro-style visuals and a great gameplay that combines strategy with a touch of randomness.


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