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Design Home is a video game where your main objective is to decorate houses using hundreds of ornamental and furniture pieces. Once you are finished doing up a house, you can save your finished masterpiece and other players will be able to rate and evaluate your work. The fun part is, you’ll be able to evaluate and rate the other players’ work.

Decorating a house in Design Home is super easy. You’ll see a room (usually a living room or bedroom) with a number of bubbles which will indicate to you the type of furniture that should be placed in those particular spots. If you touch one of those bubbles, you can to choose among a large range of furniture. The most important thing to remember is that some bubbles are required in order to ‘finish’ the decorating job, however, some others are totally optional. And remember, sometimes less is more.

Design Home is a totally unique game which home design enthusiasts will truly enjoy. Although you’ll have a great time decorating rooms, rating others’ decorating jobs is also really fun. Best part is that you can get ideas to decorate our own home too!


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