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Delicious World is a casual game that belongs to the time management sub-genre, created by GameHouse. This game is similar to other games such as Emily’s miracle of life’ or ‘Heart’s medicine doctor’. This time, you get to control a young entrepreneur who decides to open a coffee shop with the help of her mother and friends. Your job here is to prepare the tastiest of treats and serve a bunch of customers who are craving pancakes and coffee.

Gameplay in Delicious World is really similar to the rest of the games of the saga: your customers will enter your shop and request different products. You’ll have to prepare them as fast as you can. The less time you make them wait for their orders, the more tips you’ll earn. With your earnings, you can also start decorating and upgrading your coffee shop.

Just like the other games of the saga, Delicious World also includes a really interesting story. In between different phases, you’ll get to witness different dialogs between the characters of the game, such as the protagonist and her best friend or her parents. These interactions give the game a more interesting advantage.

Delicious World is a super fun casual game that includes really charming visuals, dozens of levels and really fun and interesting characters.


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