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Death By Daylight is a first person horror game that puts you in John’s shoes. And who’s John? You may ask. He’s a detective that goes inside an abandoned house where a massacre took place a few years ago. It won’t take him long to figure out that although the place may seem quiet and tranquil, he’s not alone.

The controls are simple and intuitive: sliding your finger around on the left side of the screen lets you move your character and sliding your finger on the right gives you control of the camera. The interaction buttons and the inventory are also located on the right side of the screen.

Like any self-respecting horror game, Death By Daylight also challenges you to solve puzzles along your journey. And you’ll find tons of them. Make sure you inspect all the settings really well because hidden within them you’ll find all kinds of elements to interact with as well as objects to collect.

Death By Daylight is an immersive first person horror adventure that is truly scary. The game also includes incredible visuals that make it just as good as any other game within the same genre for PCs.


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