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Dear My Cat is a game from the creators of the successful Tap Tap Fish. In this title, your job is to improve the conditions of a beautiful island. In this paradise the only inhabitant is a cat who’s woken up alone next to a house. Your mission is to help this cat while you use your rewards to unlock new elements and attributes.

Without a doubt, the game’s graphics and the sounds blend perfectly to offer a thoroughly relaxing experience. You just have to tap on each one of the elements to improve their level and improve every nook and cranny of the island. Likewise, you also need to try to attract more cats to the island to make sure your cat isn’t lonely.

In Dear My Cat you can set up a train station where your cat’s friends will arrive. The more inhabitants you attract to the island, the greater the responsibility will be to improve all the parts of your paradise. You need to collect gold while you take care of flowers and the houses you’ve built in order to progress in the game.

Dear My Cat gives you an incredibly addictive gameplay that, combined with excellent graphics, makes for a great relaxing game. And to top it all off, it’s all accompanied by a beautiful piano soundtrack that only adds to the overall harmony of the title.


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