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Dead Trigger is a first-person shooter action video game in which the player takes on the role of one of the few survivors of a world that is collapsing around him and in which all that matters is to die or to kill.

The game has a fairly extensive main story quest mission for one player that can last up to twenty hours; it also comes with a very interesting story on why the world is collapsing due to all kinds of catastrophes… and zombies being the main cause of death.

This is where your character comes into action, as he possesses an enormous arsenal of weapons that includes machine guns, pistols, assault rifles and shotguns to face the hordes of zombies that infest each one of the game’s many scenarios.

One of the game’s strongpoints is its amazing graphics. The game, developed by the same team that brought us the impressive Shadowgun, has console-quality graphics that could easily compete with the best console games. It is incomparable to most other games for mobile devices.

Dead Trigger is an excellent first-person shooter action game that won’t be giving you goose bumps solely from its terrifying story, but also from the large number of different levels and the many hours of fun it’ll provide.


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