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Dazzly is a coloring game where, instead of colors, you add jewels to create impressive and detailed drawings. The jewels you’ll be working with include rubies, sapphires, and diamonds.

The jewels you use to fill in the drawings are highly detailed. All the stones you use are real and have been selected by hand. With them, you can finish more than 7,000 drawings. Best of all, there are new drawings added every day.

The drawings are sorted into various categories, including jewelry, fashion, makeup, shoes, cats, dogs, animals, design, lifestyle, mandalas, fairy tales, fantasy, dancing, food, beaches, mosaics, patterns, wedding, princess dresses, emoji, fans, bags, hats, birds, insects, music, vacation, travel, clothes, and much more. You can also find names or drawings organized by seasons of the year.

Gameplay is very simple. When you choose a drawing, you’ll see a jewel and the number associated with it. Your objective is to fill all the spots with that number with the jewel in question. To do so, simply drag your finger over it. Once all those spaces are filled, you can move on to the next type of jewel. When you’ve gone through all the jewels, the drawing will be complete.

If you’re looking for a simple casual game that’s also very aesthetic, this app is for you. Download the APK for Dazzly today.

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