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Daylio is an app that helps you keep track of your daily mood. Basically, it’s a diary where you can record your mood and the things you’ve done. You can choose from five different moods, ranging from ‘awful’ to ‘rad.’ You can also choose between several preset activities such as working, spending time with friends, going to the movies, playing games, reading, going to an appointment, and so on.

One of the strengths of Daylio is that, thanks to its great design, jotting down your mood and activities doesn’t take more than a minute. Of course, you can also add additional notes if you want to.

An interesting feature is that Daylio generates a chart with the history of your moods and the activities you’ve done. That way, you can see the days when you were happy or sad and what kinds of activities you did on those days, possibly finding a pattern.

Daylio is an interesting app that lets you record the most important parts of your day in seconds. For example, all you need is a few taps to record that it was a good day and you went to the movies with your significant other.


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