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Dash Quest Heroes is a 2D action game where you create your own character. Here, you’re facing off against tons of enemies as you go while navigating the badlands of the Kingdom of Solas — a jaw-dropping world of medieval fantasy (with all the dragons, goblins and evil creatures to prove it).

Control systems in Dash Quest Heroes are simple. Tapping the right part of your screen sets your hero out on the attack, while a quick push on the left side has you blocking enemy strikes. Plus, as you progress through each level, you’ll get to unlock special skills (which are also controlled from the left part of your screen).

In Dash Quest Heroes, each level is fairly extensive. Normally, you’ll be out on the prowl while facing down baddies. At the end of each level, there’s a showdown with a particularly powerful boss that’ll make getting past each level even trickier.

As you take down enemies, you’ll gain more experience and increase your skills. Plus while making your way up through each level, you choose how to improve your character’s skills. And you can customize them with hundreds of weapons, amulets, and accessories.

Dash Quest Heroes is an excellent action game that begins where Dash Quest left off, offering an experience that’s far more full featured and fun. Not to mention the fact that its pixelated excellence is beyond endearing.



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