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DarkLight is an action-packed adventure game where we will get into a fantasy land. In each of its locations, we’ll have to help a demon move around the map while surpassing obstacles and defeating any supernatural force or creature.

DarkLight offers attractive visuals that will allow us to completely immerse ourselves in the action. Likewise, the soundtrack perfectly matches the different scenarios that we will go through in each round. This will gradually help us overcome dozens of challenges in which we will have to interact with the elements of the scene in order to progress without being defeated.

To move the character around, DarkLight offers a directional joystick that we use on a horizontal axis. Similarly, on the right side of the screen, we’ll find the different action buttons that we can use to jump or move certain objects.

DarkLight’s outstanding graphics and smooth movement transitions are reminiscent of indie titles of great prestige, such as Limbo. In short, we’re facing one of those games with surprising levels that will test our skills to avoid traps and enemies.



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