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Lead a band of up to five heroes and help them destroy all the enemies that dare to cross their path in the RPG Darkfire Heroes. Check it out and embark on a lengthy campaign that will take you to a dozen different locations.

Darkfire Heroes has simple controls that work well on touchscreen devices. Your team of five heroes levels up and attacks all the enemies that they encounter automatically, but it’s up to you to activate and aim their special attacks and cast spells. Plan your attacks carefully, because in this game a good strategy can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Darkfire Heroes has over fifty different heroes from five different classes that you can add to your team. At the start of the game, you’ll have just five characters, including classic tank and DSP characters, but you can recruit more as you progress through the campaign. As you get more characters, you can customize your team to fit your playing style. Along the way, you’ll also collect cards that you can use to level up your heroes.

One of the best features of Darkfire Heroes is its singleplayer campaign. It’s an extensive adventure with more than one hundred levels packed with all kinds of creatures to battle: giant rats, orcs, goblins, demons, specters, and much more.

Overall, Darkfire Heroes is an excellent mobile RPG that you can comfortably play vertically and with one hand. On top of all that, it has excellent graphics reminiscent of Clash Royale.


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