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Dark Riddle is a stealth puzzle game whose premise, gameplay, and even graphics are similar to the popular game Hello Neighbor.

The game begins in a house you just moved into, and with a suspicious neighbor across the street. To unravel the mystery around this curious character, you sneak into his house and solve riddles to open every room in his mansion. Unsurprisingly, your neighbor doesn’t like this at all and sets traps, motion sensors, cameras, and all kinds of obstacles to stop your investigation at all costs.

The gameplay of Dark Riddle is straightforward and similar to first-person shooters: control your character with the joystick on the left side of the screen, while using the buttons on the right to duck, jump, and interact with items.

Although it lacks the wacky rooms that made the original game so interesting, Dark Riddle still offers challenging, entertaining gameplay that fans of stealth games will be sure to love.


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