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Cuties is a puzzle game where you’ll have to eliminate all the bugs in each level, making sure that the last one ends up in the finish line. To get rid of the bugs, all you have to do is jump on them, but be careful because if you are left with no bugs to jump on you can’t complete the level!

The gameplay is quite simple; you begin each level with a handful of ‘blackies’ and you must finish with only one that should be placed on a particular tile. The first levels are shorter and you’ll find less ‘blackies’ but as you go through the game you’ll have to face more challenging levels that have a lot more bugs. You’ll also have to tackle special objects through the settings such as canons, conveyor belts, and other elements.

Cuties is a super unique and fun game that has amazing visuals and can be enjoyed by all ages, especially if you enjoy puzzles.


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