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Crush Them All is an idle clicker where you have to explore hundreds (maybe thousands) of settings, tackling all kinds of monsters all the while. Your heroes do all the the dirty work; you however, have to use the coins you win, to improve their skills and also your village.

Your main source of income is the village. You can purchase all kinds of new buildings there, yielding more and more money. You can of course also make improvements to buildings, in order to earn a higher income in less time. There are 20 different kinds of constructions, and more than 200 opportunities for improvement in each one.

To start with you only have one character, but as you make progress you can take on many more. There are dozens of heroes available to you which, again, can be enhanced little by little.

Crush Them All is a great idle clicker, with lovely graphics, and one of those addictive gameplays which manages to keep you glued to the screen without you even knowing why.


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