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Crusaders Quest is an RPG with a 16-bit aesthetic where you control a group of heroes and engage in strategic battles in two dimensions. If you want to win, you’ll have to make use of loads of different special powers.

The battle system is one of the things that stands out most in Crusaders Quest. Even though it’s very dynamic and happens in real-time, it will require doses of strategic thinking and all of your attention. You’ll have to know how to use and combine your character’s powers in order to put up a fight in the most difficult challenges.

In total, you’ll find more than 200 different heroes in Crusaders Quest, each with his or her own powers. One of your objectives is to put together the perfect squad of heroes, depending on what best suits your playing style. Once you have a good group, you can also engage in exciting PvP battles.

The story in Crusaders Quest will take you through a lot of different settings, from enchanted forests to the depths of the ocean, deserts, and ancient sanctuaries.

Crusaders Quest is a simple and fun RPG with a gameplay perfectly adapted to touch screens, as well as charming 16-bit graphics reminiscent of the best retro games.



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