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Crossout is an action and adventure game where you have to build different battle vehicles with the aim of immersing yourself in thrilling battles. To do so, choose well to get powerful tanks.

In Crossout you’ll be part of a team that joins forces with other vehicles and races on the battlefield in each confrontation. The controls are in no way hard to handle. You just move forward using the D-pad. You tap the screen to shoot enemies and reload your ammunition by tapping the reload button. On the right side of the interface, you’ll also see a map with all the vehicles warring at each level.

Another great help is the bar that appears at the top part of the screen. Here you can see the number of objectives reached and how many you have left to do. Thanks to these features the fun increases and you can invest your rewards in upgrading your tanks to boost your offensive potential. In the process, you’ll retire to your garage and start to freely switch out parts and other elements.

Crossout makes it very easy to immerse yourself in 3D settings and experience exciting battles. The enormous number of available resources to upgrade your war vehicles, as well as the option to play with and against players from around the world, make this game very fun.


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