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Criminal Case: The Conspiracy is an immersive game that combines detective fiction stories and puzzles games. In this adventure, you’ll collect clues and solve puzzles in all kinds of crime scenes to finally catch the culprit!

In Criminal Case: The Conspiracy your mission is to investigate every room involved in the crime and collect all the clues in each one. For example, you’ll have to examine the room where the body was found and find all the clues listed on the bottom of the screen. You’ll also have to run lab tests (such as DNA test, autopsies, etc) and put puzzle pieces together that will lead you to the suspect! At the end of each case, you’ll have to choose from a few different suspects that fit some or all of the clues you’ve found, and send him or her to prison… but you might be left wondering if you locked up the right person.

Overall, Criminal Case: the Conspiracy is a mysterious and fun puzzle game with fantastic graphics and mysterious stories that will keep you entertained -and intrigued- for hours!


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