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Crello is a design app that lets you create photo montages, videos and animations that you can use on social media or wherever you like. An app that gives you professional designs without the stress.

The complete Crello editor uses an immense collection of stock images, animated effects, backgrounds and different graphic objects to create all types of promotional images. But even more impressive is its catalog of templates that the app has available: more than 20,000 different templates categorized into a whole host of themes.

If you choose to edit a template that has already been created, you just have to add your personal touch with the creative elements that Crello makes available to you. It’s true that many templates are paid, which means you need a subscription to be able to use them. Luckily, there are loads of free high-quality templates and, in any case, you can always create designs to your taste and from scratch.

Crello is a powerful app to arrange high-quality images and videos without being an expert on the topic. Its trump card is just how easy it is to use. You can use it with your family and friends, or even for promotional campaigns on social media, Crello is a great design app with an immense catalog of design elements.


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