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Craft Runner – Miner Rush is a fun videogame that blends the runner genre with the iconic Minecraft building style. In this game, players control a character openly inspired by the Minecraft universe who must clear a path in front of himself with a hammer while trying to gather as many gold blocks as possible before reaching the finish line.

The gameplay in Craft Runner – Miner Rush is, as mentioned above, a fusion of runner and Minecraft style games. Your player will start running on a path with three lanes, and all kinds of hurdles and prizes will start appearing in them. To get your player to change lanes, you need to swipe your finger on the screen in the direction you want to go. There will be times when you find a wood blocking your path across all three lanes and, on these occasions, your player will get out his hammer and chop his way through while collecting materials.

As well as trees, there are also lakes of lava, cliffs or even monsters that you need to kill using the tools you find along the way. When you reach the end, the gold pieces and the rest of the material that you’ve accumulated will be totaled. What’s more, as you complete levels, you start to build up a figurine-like character that, at the end of the round, will come to life and go and live in an environment that you can create bit by bit.

Craft Runner – Miner Rush is the perfect fusion between two hugely important genres in the cell phone game world. The game’s carefully thought-out graphics maintain the Minecraft charm, and its original and innovative design makes it a very promising source of entertainment.



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