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If you’re in the habit of setting reminders for important events like meetings or birthdays but never end up clearing your agenda, with Countdown Widget you can create colorful widgets to tell you how much time is left before each pending activity in a fun and creative way.

For every event you open, Countdown Widget will create a bubble with the number of days left, to which you’ll add a color, name, specific font, and series of values to give more or less visibility to the bubbles depending on the event priority. The height and width of every window can be adjusted before insertion so that, besides brightening up an event, you can make it stand out in size on your home screen.

If you want to start using the tool with the events already listed on your calendar, you can simply export them directly to Countdown Widget and manually change the color of each event. By tapping once on each bubble, you can see the info it contains and a shortcut to its settings to change any detail.

With Widget Countdown you’ll never again forget any important events, thanks to the constant reminders of the dates marked in your calendar. It also gives your device an elegant, flashy look with its wide variety of available colors.

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