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Cooking Talent – Restaurant Fever is a game of skill and speed where you serve dozens of customers a day, improve your restaurant, and eventually turn it into a five-star gastronomic experience!

Become a dedicated chef in this fun adventure, and cook amazing hamburgers with the best quality ingredients – but cook them quickly- your customers are anxiously waiting for that first fabulous bite! You’ll open your restaurant with just a single stove, which only allows you took cook one piece of meat at a time. But over time you can earn money to expand and improve your kitchen and buy better ingredients. Eventually, you’ll have enough customers and fame to amass a fortune!

To keep customers coming to your restaurant, cook the dishes as fast as you can and bring them to the customers the second they’re ready. If you’re quick, the customers might even leave you a tip, so you’ll either have to cook for all the customers at once, or prepare the meals before they even arrive!

Become a world-class chef, cook top quality burgers, and become a millionaire in the game Cooking Talent – Restaurant Fever.


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