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If you’re a fan of cooking games and are up to the challenge of serving customers as fast as you can, check out Cooking Party, an entertaining game where you can run your own restaurant and prepare all kinds of recipes. Give it a try, cook all kinds of dishes and get dozens of new recipes as you manage your restaurant.

Just like other cooking games, in Cooking Party your mission is to cook the customer’s orders and serve them as fast -and accurately- as possible, or they might end up walking out. To do so, take down each order and use the correct ingredients to cook it. Once the dish is done, plate it, and serve it to the customer. One of Cooking Party’s best features is that you don’t need to tap and drag dishes to the customers, instead, you can serve each dish by just tapping on it.

Cooking Party has nine themed restaurants where you can cook all kinds of dishes. This game offers loads of fun cooking recipes from all over the planet and serving customers during the biggest events of the year. On these special occasions, you can cook themed dished and serve Valentine’s Day or New Year’s specials.

In Cooking Party, you can put your cooking skills to the test as you play dozens of levels, visit all kinds of resturants, collect tips, and level up your kitchen. Tap as fast as you can on all the ingredients to cook dishes -but don’t let anything burn- to keep your customers happy in this culinary adventure.


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