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Cooking Fest is a fast-paced cooking arcade game that looks a lot like the popular game Overcooked, only a little simpler. To play, you have to cook and serve tons of delicious dishes in your restaurant.

In Cooking Fest, you can cook in up to seven different restaurants, each one with its own specialized menu that you’ll have to memorize if you want to beat levels and advance in this game.

Playing Cooking Fest is very simple: on your screen, there’s one section to cook and another to serve. Customers will enter your restaurant and order food which you then have to prepare and serve. Every time you serve a dish successfully, you’ll earn money that you can invest in improving your kitchen to cook even faster, filling drinks more quickly and getting more cooking space, among other options.

If you want to play a game that requires quick thinking and even quicker fingers, try Cooking Fest for a fun and challenging treat!

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