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Cookies Clicker is a cookie-baking game that, despite (or because of) its extremely simple gameplay, has become a phenomenal success, catching all kinds of players in its sticky web.

The idea behind the game is very simple: click on the screen once to make a cookie – and the object is to make a lot of cookies. If you sell the cookies as you make them, you can buy different items that will help you make more cookies in a shorter amount of time.

In the beginning, for example, you can buy additional cursors that will automatically click the cookie every determined number of seconds. Later, you can hire grandmothers that will help you bake more treats. Eventually, you’ll be able to save enough money to buy a baking industry with hundreds of machines, capable of producing thousands of cookies every minute.

Cookies Clicker is a simple but addictive game that you can now enjoy on Android devices. Graphics and gameplay are the same, just on a mobile screen.


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