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Concepts is a tool for designing and sketching that, thanks to the incredible possibilities it offers, has managed to make room for itself alongside paid apps or similar apps by much more popular companies. Concepts transforms any Android device into a real-life graphic design tablet that can be used to work with vectors, multiple layers, and any features you might not find in other, more simple design tools.

To begin sketching, all you need to do is open Concepts and the app itself will take care of creating a new project for you. You can find all the sketching tools grouped together in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, behind a wheel-shaped menu that you can spin until you find what you are looking for. Once you have finished your creation you can export it directly to your device’s memory or share it on your favorite social networks.

Concept users can use practically all of the app’s functions for free, though a few of them require a subscription to use. Even so, Concepts can easily become an essential app for anyone who enjoys sketching on a tablet or mobile device.

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