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Colossus and War Apk Mod Download New 2022

This land changed into as soon as prosperous and non violent. People farm, harvest, trade and build, all dwelling in harmony. But then our happiness turned into destroyed. A hundred years ago, the restless and ferocious monsters started out to wreak havoc throughout the world, trying to solid the land into everlasting darkness…People continued to fight towards the invaders bravely, however suffered heavy casualties within the countless battle. Their most effective desire is to have a smart leader to unify the fragmented united states of america, vanquish the monsters and rejuvenate their place of origin.

My expensive lord, thanks for coming to manual us. The mythical heroes are ready that allows you to dispatch. Our historic totem will chant benefits for you and the effective colossus will march beside your troops. Hope you could revitalize civilization and create a exceptional and superb new generation!

Multiple Deploy Plans, Design Your Own Strategy.

All actions may be taken on the great international map in the game. Over a hundred and eighty cities with wealthy assets are scattered all around the international, waiting to be occupied with the aid of ambitious lords. There are extraordinary sorts of armors, guns, troops and heroes so that it will choose and set up. In the sport you could accumulate resources, assault enemies, occupy towns, discover ruins and build alliances. The unique battlefields will provide you limitless strategic possibilities.

Colossus Power

Build your personal colossus manufacturing unit and function the giant warrior by way of your self.

Colossus and War Apk Mod Download

Enhance the overall fight power of all troop gadgets; 2. Boost troop ATK to sharpen your spear; 3. Guard your territory to strengthen your defense electricity. If you upgrade the top a part of the Colossus, your protection potential could be in addition progressed.

As the colossus marches beside your troops, enhancing combat effectiveness and boosting morale, you could have the whole lot in control.

Build Your Power

Roaming monsters and evil invaders are raging all over the global. My lord, to build a realm inside the midst of chaos, you must collect assets, educate troops and summon heroes to build your power. In any case, I agree with you’ll triumph over all enemies and rebuild our native land!

Weapons and Equipment

There are a variety of gadgets to be had with a purpose to make stronger your forces: cold weapons, heavy weapons, magic strength, stable armors, airships and extra. You can even see the battle among cold weapons and cannons here. Therefore, armor and equip your troops as you like, and you could build your own most powerful forces!

Collect Rewards

You can attain numerous rewards by way of attacking different objectives. The rewards consist of assets, materials and plenty of other precious objects. Any fabric may be beneficial, don’t forget about to craft them into treasures. Ok, let’s begin now. March your army and release a notable attack!

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