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ColorMinis Painting is a title specially developed for users who enjoy drawing and coloring, as you will have the chance to give life to flashy 3D figures and items in any way you like. Unleash your creativity while relaxing your mind!

Firstly, when accessing ColorMinis Painting, you’ll only see a series of anime characters. Scroll to discover them all, one by one, until you find the one you like. Then, it will occupy the whole screen, though without any color at all.

ColorMinis Painting is pretty straightforward and realistic thanks to its amazing visuals that allows you to either zoom in or out any section as needed, when needed. This will make it really easy to fill even the smallest detail with the right tone. To do so, just tap on the drawing’s area you want to color and, then, on the tone you want to fill it. And repeat!

If you are an art and painting enthusiast, ColorMinis Painting will keep you entertained by coloring every single one of the 3D fantasy characters.

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