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Color Match is a casual game where you have to mix different colors to find the exact pigmentation of the model in each level. To do this, you need to combine all the paints until you get as close as possible to the shade shown on the screen.

Throughout the different levels in Color Match, you’ll really have to pay attention to the main colors that each object is made up of. On the palette at the bottom of the screen, you can mix the different colors until you get the one you need to paint the object.

Once you create the right shade, tap on the compare button to get your accuracy score. Try to be as accurate as you can to move on to the next step. The last thing you have to do is color in each blank object until it looks practically identical to the model.

Color Match has dozens of levels that will keep you perfectly entertained. The many colors you can mix will give you the freedom to efficiently integrate the different pigments. All this means that you can get the shade that perfectly matches the color of the original object.


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