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Color Collect is a fun game of skill where you try to catch colored balls in your cube. Though the gameplay seems simple, you have to be as quick as possible to catch the balls without losing them. This game is designed for children.

To play, you have to get the cube at the bottom part of the screen to the exact place where the ball is falling. However, you also have to make sure that the ball and cube are the same color, as if not you won’t be able to keep it. Your cube has two bases, one on each side, so if the ball is falling on the side that’s the wrong color, you can make it bounce to get the right one. Once you’ve caught the ball, the cube changes color and you can keep playing.

As you advance through the levels, Color Collect gets more complicated by increasing the number of balls on the screen and the speed at which they fall. Make sure to place the cube exactly right or the ball will fall into the void and you’ll lose a life. You have three of them, though, which means three chances to get the highest score possible. Show who’s the fastest and the best in Color Collect.

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