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Club Audition M is a dance game in which you can create a character and prove you can jam to any beat. This game has all kinds of songs -mostly k-pop- that you can dance to alongside other players.

Club Audition M uses eye-catching, 3D graphics for all its characters and dance floors. This game also has a major social component, as you can connect with other players to create competitive dance teams, as well as compete against random players in dance battles.

To control your dancer, just tap on the arrows as they appear on the screen, and on the spheres to follow the beat at certain points of the song. Being the best on the dance floor in Club Audition M won’t be easy, so check out all its game modes and challenge two or more other dancers. To add to the fun, the game scores each move your make.

Club Audition M is an outstanding dance game with plenty of character customization options. As you play, you can meet all kinds of other dancers, join them, and attempt elegant choreographies with almost impossible moves.

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