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Cloud Mail.Ru is an app that lets you store all the contentyou want from your Android device in the cloud. This way, not only will you have a backup of your most important photos, videos, and documents, but you’ll also have access to them anywhere and from any device.

When you create an account with Cloud Mail.Ru, you’ll receive a free account with 8 GB of storage. You can use this space for whatever you want: automatically back up files from your device, or simply upload specific documents you want to have saved in the cloud. That said, you can also buy a subscription to multiply this storage limit. For example, for less than one euro per month, you can have more than 60 GB of storage.

One of the great things about Cloud Mail.Ru is that it offers tons of interesting features. You can easily manage all the documents and folders you’ve uploaded to the cloud, with the possibility to rename, copy, paste, or delete any file. You can also easily create folders and shared files, making it simple to share certain information with specific people.

Cloud Mail.Ru is an excellent cloud storage app, making it a great alternative to similar apps like Dropbox, Mega or Drive. Thanks to this handy app, you can keep all your most important documents and files safe and sound in the cloud, ready for you to access them whenever you want.


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