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ClassDojo is a useful app that connects parents and teachers of students in a real and instantaneous way. With it, not only can you open communication on both sides, but educators will also have a new tool to regulate the behavior of their students.

To begin, you’ll need to create a profile on the app to identify yourself as a teacher, guardian, or student. For the latter two cases, you’ll need a special identification code that will sort you into chat rooms with other parents and students of the same class, course, or group.

Educators can create profiles that give access to a large array of features. If you are a teacher at a public or private school, you have to create a profile with all your details and then link it to your institution. After that you can open groups for all the classes you teach in any subject and add both parents and students to them.

If a student misbehaves in class, you can give them a negative point and explain the reason so their guardians can be aware of the way the student is behaving in the classroom. ClassDojo is thus very useful for regulating the conduct of more troubled students.

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