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Clash of Queens is a real time strategy-based game that challenges you to develop a whole structure of buildings, relationships and armies that can help you get as far as possible. In order to thrive in this medieval world, you have to manage your resources really well and use them only as you need them.

Your main objective is to build up as many buildings as necessary in order to supply the entire city of important materials. So, you’ll have to include places designed for the extraction of rock, wood, and other elements as well as infrastructures where your troops’ special skills can be improved. The more effort you put into planning your buildings, the more rewards you’ll reap.

Another important goal to focus on is becoming the best kingdom around. To do so, you have to research the area that surrounds you and go to war with the rest of the queens. Keep in mind that you can also create alliances in order to join forces against common enemies and enjoy real time battles in the medieval world. Gather your troops and conquer as many kingdoms as possible and show them who the best strategist is.


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