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Claire’s Cafe is a casual game where you have to immerse yourself in a restaurant to help a girl tend to as many guests as possible. If you pay attention to each order, you will always know the ingredients that you must gather to prepare each dish. Like this, you will serve the different orders to make lots of profit.

Claire’s Cafe has 2D visuals, and the control system is typical of these kinds of games. All you have to do is tap on the different foods and kitchen apparatus to prepare each recipe. In this game, not only do you need to complete each dish but it’s also vitally important to serve the different drinks quickly.

With dozens of levels available, you can test your agility to keep track of the ever-growing number of processes in the kitchen. During the first few challenges, barely two guests visit the restaurant. However, as you keep playing the game, there won’t be a single table free. This means that you have to spread out your efforts or even buy new machines and griddles to prepare a greater number of dishes at the same time.

Claire’s Cafe has a gameplay that will keep you entertained during each game you play. Running a restaurant of this kind requires constant attention in the working day. This is why Claire needs your help to be able to take on all the customers’ orders to make a profit that lets you increase the size of your installations.

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