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City Life is a casual game set in a city veiled in mist that you have to work to reveal little by little. Your main objective in this new game for Android from Zynga is to combine elements to create better ones.

City Life has 3D graphics so you can see each area of the city from a bird’s eye view. On each area of ​​the map, it’s your job to tap the various buildings and resources to combine at least two of the same type. When you do, you’ll form bigger buildings and better benefits, all of which improves your city and its services.

Another fun aspect of City Life is that, as you play, you can unlock new characters who can help you on your adventure. First, you’ll need to elect a mayor to keep everything in the city running smoothly. Meanwhile, invest the rewards you generate to add firefighters, police, and gardeners to tend to all the plants and parks.

City Life is a fun management game that tests your ability to juggle tasks as you help this city expand and prosper. Of course, you can always count on the help of your panel of experts, too, who know exactly what the population needs in order to live in harmony.

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