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Chicisimo is a fashion application that will help you discover and organize thousands of style ideas. On this app, every user can share their own photos (to share ‘looks’ and ideas with other users) as well as save the ideas and styles of others. When you save a photo, you can also file it under a specific category. So you can have different folders with various names like ‘ideas for work’ or ‘ideas for dates,’ to give two examples.

When you want to share a photo, you can create tags for your different garments. This way, when another user sees your photo, they can immediately see that your boots are from Zara and your sweater is from H&M. From this tag, too, you can quickly access other garments by the same brand… or check out similar garments regardless of the brand.

Searching for clothing and style inspiration is very easy with Chicismo. You can take a look at the most popular photos of the moment or search for items by type or brand. You can even search for clothing items by season, material, or color. These are all things to make it easier for you to find new ideas for getting dressed.

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