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Panda Keyboard is an app aimed at people looking for an attractive, simple, and comfortable keyboard. With this app, you can type correctly while saving yourself as many movements as possible.

After you install Panda Keyboard you have to activate it and set it as your main keyboard. This way your Android will make it your default and Panda Keyboard will appear every time you go to write something. The best thing about this app is that it comes with a voice recognition system that lets you search for specific words and find the best way to send a message correctly. The predictive keyboard offers three words as soon as you tap any letter, saving you time when writing. Plus the keyboard learns with you: it remembers your most used phrases to make communication even easier.

This keyboard is fully customizable and comes with a bunch of different interfaces to choose from and change whenever you want. It also includes the option to change the language and send hundreds of emojis.

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