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Cave Shooter is an action-packed and adventure game where we will play a tribe warrior that will have to advance through multiple scenarios fraught with traps and enemies. Set in the middle of a prehistoric setting, our goal will be to go through each door while obtaining rewards.

Leading the whole tribe will not be an easy task. In this universe, we will meet many characters that we will have to defeat to keep progressing and uncover new mysteries. Nevertheless, we will not be alone. We will also have the invaluable help of different pets! This will help us to multiply our potential, and thus be able to defeat the most powerful monsters.

Cave Shooter has 3D graphics, showing a very similar view as any other similar Archero title. To advance, we will only have to tap on the joystick shown on screen. At the same time, we will keep moving in search of new enemies, using our weapons and skills to defeat them. As taking about weapons, in regards to shots, it must be noted that we won’t have to do anything, aside from aiming, as this action is completely automatic.

Cave Shooter has dozens of scenarios, characters and unique skills that we will discover as we level up. Help the main character go through each door and defeat all enemies to restore our tribe’s peace!


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