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Cats & Soup is a lovely casual game that gives you the chance to accompany a group of cooking cats as they prepare delicious vegetable soups. Your goal: to enjoy the beautiful design of the game while you earn achievements and unlock new recipes.

The gameplay in Cats & Soup is as follows: you’ll start out with a single cat, in charge of stirring the soup in the middle of the campsite. Little by little, stars will fall and turn into cats, and these new cats will help you prepare new ingredients (chopping carrots or slicing cabbage). This is how you’ll be able to prepare new soups and sell them at a higher price. In turn, you’ll be able to use the money you earn to buy improvements for the cats’ workspace.

As mentioned above, the game has an achievements system that gives you objectives to reach. This means you’ll have to buy furniture and improvements for the space, but you’ll also have to manage to sell a specific number of soups, level up certain recipes and discover new ways to prepare the soup.

Cats & Soup is a relaxing and simple game that lets you enjoy watching cute kittens doing things like cutting carrots or stirring a pot, with simple objectives to fulfill and spectacular graphics. If you’re looking for a pleasant and relaxing game to play, this is it.


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