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Cat Runner is a super fun endless runner that’s highly inspired by games such as ‘Temple Run’ or ‘Subway Surfer’. Although it shares their entertaining gameplay, Cat Runner actually surpasses them thanks to its incredible additional features.

Cat Runner puts you in control of a charming city cat who returns to his hometown hoping to reunite with his childhood friends. Naturally, his childhood home is sort of a mess and it’s clearly not presentable enough to have his old friends over. So, your objective is to run all over the town and collect as many coins as you possibly can so you can remodel your home room by room until you repair the entire house to its former glory. Each room that you remodel will unlock a new character that includes additional and upgraded power-ups.

Gameplay in Cat Runner is really simple: your feline character will advance automatically and you have to help him jump, change his direction or duck by dragging your finger towards the right side of the screen. As you advance through the level, your speed will increase (as well as the rewards).

The only set back is that if there are too many elements on the screen the game tends to slow down which means the end of your adventure.

Cat Runner is an awesomely fun game with incredible replayability due to the amazing additional features, which are implemented perfectly.



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