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Cash, Inc. is a super fun clicker that puts you in the shoes of a humble businessman who, little by little, must build an empire.

The premise in Cash, Inc. is very similar to that in other games of the same genre: during your adventure, you can create different businesses inside the same building. Each of these businesses will generate money every certain amount of time. You can invest that moola in upgrading your products so they can generate even more wealth.

As you advance in your capitalist adventure, you’ll unlock different skills and powerups that’ll make it even easier to amass a fortune. But, if you get fatigued watching your workers generate more and more wealth for you, then you can simply close the app because it’ll keep working in the background to generate more money that you can use to expand your empire.

One of the most interesting features in Cash, Inc. is that it offers you different kinds of ‘Prestige’. These types of ‘Prestige’ entail selling all your businesses and in return, getting a more beautiful building or certain advantages during later rounds. The ‘Prestige’ system makes the playability practically unending.

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