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Case Simulator 2 is a fun simulator for opening cases in CSGO that you can use to simulate this task outside the real game. This app is perfect for those who want to try their luck but don’t want to spend their money, as you can enjoy the thrill of opening an infinite number of different cases without splashing the cash.

The gameplay in Case Simulator 2 is incredibly straightforward: all you need to do is select the type of case that you want to open, then sit back and enjoy the thrill of the live roulette. The cases open automatically in Case Simulator 2, so you don’t need to spend money on keys to open them. Just like in Counter-Strike, here you can see the weapons and armor wheel spin until it lands on an item. If you’re lucky you might get a red, or even gold, item.

All the weapons that you unlock go straight to your Inventory. Here, you can find the famous Contracts tab, where you can trade in ten weapons of the same color for a better one, which will allow you to rise up through the levels until you obtain the most amazing items.

One of the benefits of Case Simulator 2 is that you can choose any of the 34 cases in the game. Thanks to this system, you are able to unlock old weapons and the latest additions, gradually building up an extensive Inventory that includes items no longer found in the game.

Download Case Simulator 2 and discover all the different functions while you open Counter-Strike cases without spending a cent. Enjoy the game’s most incredible skins and have fun with the weapons and armor roulette without going bankrupt, thanks to this simulator.


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