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Get behind the wheel of more than dozen cars in the exciting 3D driving game CarX Highway Racing. Not only are the cars inspired by real vehicles, but these races are unique for one big reason: there’s no rules! Buckle up, and try to avoid the police while racing through crowded highways!

CarX Highway Racing has two different control systems to choose from. In the first, you’ll control your car simply by tapping buttons on the screen, while the second uses your Android device’s accelerometer. But not matter which system you choose, CarX Highway Racing has very accurate controls.

But CarX Highways Racing really stands out for its loads of game mode. Compete in story mode, long ride, survive, x-race, and more! Not only that, there’s 20 cars to unlock, and you can upgrade and customize each one.

With multiple camera perspectives and control systems, tons of content, and spectacular graphics -especially when you’re flying down the highway- CarX Highway Racing is an excellent 3D driving game.


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