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Cars Arena is a fast-paced driving video game where players aim to be the last car driving. To do this, you have to move carefully, sharpen your reflexes and be able to think on the spot, as any wrong move could mean you lose the game.

The Cars Arena gameplay is as follows: players have to drive their cars around a terrain filled with hexagonal pieces that will disappear as you pass through them. The idea is to get the other cars to fall into the void while you stay on a solid surface. However, this becomes more and more complicated, as the floor beneath your and your opponents’ wheels will gradually disappear.

To control your vehicle, you have to tap on the left or right of the screen, depending on which way you want the car to turn. If you don’t tap the screen, the car will just go forward in a straight line. You need to be careful of creating a circle around you, otherwise the surface you’re on will also fall. So, driving in circles is a no-no.

Cars Arena is a fun, fast-paced and addictive arcade game where you can play quick games, for which quick reflexes and good synchronicity are key for becoming the last car driving.


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